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the end of an ordinary

Happy 21st Birthday Annapooka!!!! How does it feel?
Don't think I forgot, I was thinking about you on your day, I promise!

So, this might be a bit summed up, etc, but Ive got 1 hour left on my account, so I gotta go quickly.

Ive been on vacation the past 10 days, but first I'll catch up on Paris from my last entry.

I took exams, yikes. I dont get my results until mid january, hopefully Ill get my certificate and all will be well. Well see. After exams I had free time to go to the museums I either hadnt been to ever, or in the past 3 years. I saw Rodin, the Orsay, the Picasso, the Cluny--this one had the lady and unicorn tapestries that were absolutely breathtaking, and last, but certainly not least Ginny and I went to see the sewers of Paris. It was a working museum and well it smelled like, well, exactly what it was. You fill in the blank. However, it was quite interesting as well. I also visited the Grande Arche de la Défense, a modern day arc de triomphe, and also the Science museum, Porte de la Vilette...Ginny and I spent the day there and enjoyed being little kids again.

I also spent my time saying goodbye to people, by the time Ginny and I left for vacation we both were depressed from having everyone leaving. Of course, it didn't last long on vacation, but still. I said goodbye to choir friends, found out my Jeff Goldblum look alike's name was Pierre...hahaha another one pook! However, it also dawned on me that he was quite possibly gay, but loved him just the same!

Okay, our trip.

We left the 11th and took the night train to Munich, Germany. We saw Frauenkirche... basically a church of our lady like Notre Dame, the Deutches museum, the BMW museum...saw the James bond car, the Neue Pinakathek, which had Van Gogh's sunflowers, among many other things, the Glockenspiel clock, walked through a Christmas market and drank some hot liquor of some sort... it was WAY strong, but it warmed us up real fast. We also took a couple mini trips outside of the city and saw Dachau one day, and Fussen another. Dachau, if youre not familiar is one of the main concentration camps that was used in Nazi Germany during the holocaust. It was so, so emotional to be there. It was just incredibly a sad time of our trip, but also interesting and neither of us regretted going. Fussen is a town about 2 hours southwest of Munich where King Ludwig built some pretty impressive castles. Because we were poor we could only tour one of them, the Neuschwanstein. It was incredibly, we felt like princesses in disneyland, that castle is the one Cinderellas castle was based on in the Magic Kingdom, so you can imagine how awesome it was. We also tried to take a brewery tour, but they aparently don't do them anymore, it was sad.

On the 15th we took the train to Geneva, Switzerland. There wasnt a whole lot to do there, but it was still absolutely a beautiful place. We saw the Alps, and Mont Blanc (the tallest mountain in Europe), lake Geneva, we saw the Jet D'eau... a 140 meter fountain of water shooting straight into the air, we went to the Palais des Nations, where the United nations meet...this was incredibly interesting except for the tour group we were with were incredibly rude, going up on the presidential podiums when asked not to, taking pictures after being asked not to, etc, it was kind of ridiculous, the poor woman giving the tour was just about going crazy. We also saw the art and history museum, an incredibly random collection of stuff, but still good. Lastly we saw the Cathedral St. Pierre where John Calvin preached during the reformation.

The 17th we left for Barcelona, Spain. We saw the Pyrenees on the way. We also met Jane on the way there. Jane was a British woman who had spent too much time in the train dining car, not dining, but drinking, like a fish. Her husband, who is Scottish, aparently wears a kilt. We got out of the train station with her and she started speaking to this cab driver in really poor spanish. She offered us a ride to where we were going. We stupidly accepted. The ride to our hostel was interesting, Jane, Ginny, and me in the back seat of a cab. Jane, still speaking poor spanish, the cab driver mocking her, Ginny and me giving each other weird looks and whispering about what the hell we were thinking. We got dropped off about two blocks from the hostel and the cab driver gave us directions. Jane paid for the cab, and gave us her number in case we needed anything. She walked with us for a little bit and then bid us fairwell, kissing us both. It was so weird, but a story for sure.

While in Barcelona we saw La SAgrada Familia, Gaudi's life work that wasn't finished by his death in 1926, they've been working on it ever since and it's still not done, but beautiful it will be when finished. Oh, it's a church. We also climbed to the top of one of the towers for a great view of the city. We also went to Parc Guell, where Gaudi's house was and much of his famous mosaic stuff. We took so many pictures, it was fantastic. We ate Paella one night...delicious, and got free pasta another, all you had to do was buy a drink, it was great. After our Paella we were eating desert at a little table on the street when a scary homeless man came up to us, clearly asking for money. We had just watched him follow a couple halfway down the street so we did what we normally do in Paris when this happens, ignore them. He spit on us, and walked away. It reminded me of my moms cherry pit story. Ive never felt so angry, violated and disgusting all at the same time. We were completely speechless. We threw away our deserts and went back to our hostel.

Also in Spain we went to the Picasso museum..much of his earlier work, WAY different, saw the cascada..a fountain in a parc, played in the Meditteranean Sea in the Middle of december, and went to the Cathedral Barri Gothic in the Gothic Quarter. We left Spain last night, but barely. When we bought our tickets 5 weeks ago, France sold us tickets to a place the train doesn't go, so we freaked out quite a bit, went to information and they thankfully were incredibly nice. They got us other tickets to a different destination for free so that we could catch the night train from there into Paris. It all wouldnt have been that big of a deal, but Ginny had to catch her plane home today at 230. Thank goodness for nice spaniards!

That was the end of our trip, we said goodbye sadly today at the metro station after getting into paris. One of my last goodbye's. Today I went up the Eiffel Tower and said goodbye to the city, tonight I will go out to dinner with Romain, Pauline, and some of Romain's friends and say goodbye to them. Tomorrow I will say goodbye to Madame, and say hello to an old, maybe a new ordinary. It's so hard to believe I'm actually leaving. Im really going to miss Paris, and almost everything that goes along with it, so forgive me when I'm missing it when I come home. I wont miss always watching where I walk all the time so as to avoid the little gifts the teeny tiny dogs have left behind. I wont miss everybody smoking everywhere. But I will miss Madame singing along to the television. I will miss eating cake for breakfast. I will miss seeing the top of the Eiffel Tower as I promenade through the Luxemburg gardens on the way to class. I will miss Eloisas complaining about anything and everything. I will miss Romain's stories, and his *American* accent, and his hands. I will miss Ginny and my inside jokes, our laughs, our travel stories. I'll miss the apartement with the tiny kitchen, gas stove, and my little mug with the two swans on it, and my bedroom with the french doors with curtains with multi-colored tulips on them. And my window that looks across to the new mysterious neighbor, who has now been there for two months, but Madame and I still find pleasure in spying on him, wondering out loud what his life must really be like. Ill miss the french, the language, the history, the people. Ill miss how its not very often during the day wehn someone will tell me Bonjour on the streets, but once the night falls anybody and everyone will say Bonsoir. I will miss thekissing to say hello and goodbye to friends and family, the quick pecks on either cheek always made me feel loved. I will miss Paris.

*yeah, you better get on that
mot a ta mère
Je pense que vous savez pourquoi
mais oui!
mais non!
mais oui!
mais oui!
bien sur!
and we thought to ourselves, should we ask that ocuple or that prostitute?
Why dont you go find a bathroom?
Tu est le chef
Crypta BAlbiiiiii
Fart Bubbles
Oh you mean trousers?
No, really, whats a trouser?
I want to sortir avec the canadians
ca makes sense, ou ca ne make pas de sense?
did he enjoy your baggage?
Scusi, J'ai le german measles
The cats remind me of wild children
you smoked the HOOKAH?
my legs feel like jelly
Qu'est ce que tu as contre le 's'?
Ha Bagagli?
What's he gonna say? you suck?
yeah....about that...
Dont worry, Kaytes fluent...
A WHAT?!?! oh, a quarter pounder..
Bien sur que je crois en sorcieres
you mean they were alive when I ate them?
You look REALLY good for 40
I'm not really 40
okay, il est marié, c'est votre vie
Je suis vraiment ivre
Age doesn't matter
Vous etes triste? Vous avez besoin un petit bon bon magique?
Coupez les!
Cest formi, formi, formidable!
He looks FANCY
At the risk of making a fool out of myself, what would you do if I kissed you right now?
Ca depends des Paul
The man cant even talk!!!
euh...je ne suis pas d'accord avec Varda
If you just keep saying it...
My name is Peter, I am french, I speak with a french accent...

There's my parallelism, I'll explain later if you like.

Really, even though I'm sad to leave Paris, I can't wait to come home and see all of you! Have a great holiday and I'll see you all soon! LOTS OF LOVE
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